New Masts Available

Sailboats have ordered an initial batch of 10 new Laser 2 masts from Selden, intended to be available for sale in 4 to 5 weeks time.

Relevant details are:

  • 1-piece based on Kappa section with a tapered top
  • diamond spreaders - basically a standard Selden 1-piece spreader base with short aero section spreaders
  • 2-piece "would be possible at extra cost if anyone wanted one, with ~6 weeks delay"
  • internal halyards (similar to previous mast)
  • T-terminals
  • cost "not more than previous 2-piece mast"

FWIW, I think this is a reasonable move (provided the details work OK) as the Laser 2 is no longer a 'top-flight' racing dinghy, but there are a lot of them around and it would be good to keep as many as possible racing / sailing without too much variation in specification.

Razer Larf