Rigging DVD


The existing Rigging Manual is a bit dated and contains some rigging suggestions that are now totally different to the way most members set up their boats, hence an instructional video was produced by the UK Laser II Class Association: a snippet from the video can be seen on YouTube.  As of January 2014, the majority of the sections from the instructional video are available on-line for free watching or download

With many thanks to Simon, Sarah, Mike, Mark and anyone else I've forgotten for their time and energy in producing the original footage - all the rubbish edits are nothing to do with them! 


Topics in the videos include:

Rigging your Boat
1. Trapeze Shock Cord Retainer
2. Putting the Mast up
3. Forestay Attachment
4. Trapeze Attachment
5. Rigging the Spinnaker Downhaul
6. Rigging the Traveller
7. Rigging the Kicker
8. Attaching the Pole Height Adjuster
9. Rigging the Outhaul to the Boom
10. Rigging the Mainsheet
11. Attaching and Hoisting the Jib
12. Attaching the Jib Sheets
13. Rigging the Spinnaker
14. Attaching the Spinnaker Sheets
15. Attaching the Outhaul to the Mainsail
16. Hoisting the Mainsail
17. Rigging the Cunningham
18. Tidying up the Halyards
19. Setting up the Rudder

Tuning your Boat
1. Adjusting and Measuring the Diamond Tension
2. Using Diamond Shock Cord
3. Adjusting the Rig Tension
4. Measuring the Mast Rake
5. Measuring the Mast Balance
6. Adjusting the Jib Luff Tension
7. Varying the Trapeze Wire Length
8. Setting up the Pole on the Boom
9. Using the Toe Strap Loops
10. Control the boat using Kicker, Cunningham & Outhaul
11. Sail Care

Class Association Training
     Trapezing Demonstration